Sunday, November 1, 2009

Smell It Now?

My brain is now mush. Trevin started waking up between 4 and 5 o’clock in the morning. It went on for over a week, maybe two. It just so happened that first week we all got sick as well. And it would have been too simple for us all to get sick on the same day. Oh no, no. In our family we take turns. =)

Sunday/Monday, I was sick with the ugly stomach bug. Monday/Tuesday Trevin was sick. Tuesday/Wednesday, Jaedon. Wednesday/Thursday, Andrew. That was mine & Andrew’s birthday week - half a month ago, and I’m still trying to catch up. I’m spent, but I think things are getting back to normal.

Andrew was very thoughtful this year with my birthday presents. He gave me a new bed set (chocolate brown), and some crochet and knitting supplies. And he actually wrapped all the presents himself! Aww. I barely know how to crochet, and I’m trying to learn how to knit. But, wow, was I surprised!

It is almost impossible to get Andrew something good for his birthday. He likes games, and nothing new (or good) comes out until November, and games are expensive! However, they just released the seasons of THUNDERCATS on DVD! I bought the first set for Andrew and also got him a nice frame with a picture of the two of us on our first date since………. Never mind. I cannot finish that sentence. I don’t know how long it has been. Ah, and to top off his gifts, some nice chocolates from the Sugar Shack. I think he was pleased.

Trevin had his 18 month check up, and good news! He is finally ON the charts! Woo-hoo! For most of his life he has been below the chart for his weight and just around the 25th percentile for his height. It’s never been an issue, my boys are just smaller than the average kid, but always healthy. I was just so proud of my boy for finally making the charts.

He is really starting to talk now and it’s exciting. You can tell he will be one of those kids that love to talk to anyone who is willing (or not) to listen. He says “love you” and “thank you” as well as a few household names (Daddy, Jaedon, Emma). I’m still not hearing “Mama” but Andrew swears he calls for me when I’m not home. But then again, he will say anything for Daddy. Daddy is Trevin’s favorite person in the world. Who could blame him?

Jaedon started going to AWANA a few weeks back and he loves it! He is doing wonderful with his scripture memorization and is almost always excited to learn the next one. He is doing this really funny, but sweet thing where he has to yell across the room, “I LOVE YOU (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Papa, etc…)!”

Oh, and just to let me know he is still all-boy, the other night the both of us were in the living room. He, standing to the side of the coffee table and me sitting on the floor in front of the couch 5’ away. “Excuse me. I farted.”-J.         “You’re excused. Thanks for being polite.”-Me.      “It stinks. Smell it?”-J.               “Ha ha,. No, I’m way over here.”-Me, and now thinking politeness didn‘t last long.

A moment later he walks over to me, turns his back to my face and leans forward. “Smell it now?” -J.

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